MY Journey Through Light and Lens

In recent years, Haagenrud has devoted himself to TV drama series, and his significant contributions include serving as the cinematographer for the successfull NRK series “EXIT,” written and directed by Øystein Karlsen. He completed the third season, totaling 24 episodes, which received nordic and international success and subsequenly is sold to 30 countries, setting record-high viewership across the Nordic region.


Haagenrud has also distinguished himself as the cinematographer for the ViaPlay series “Wisting” seasons 2 and 3, directed by Trygve Allister Diesen, as well as the HBO series “Beforeigners” season 2, directed by Jens Lien.

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Cinematic Evolution:

Transitioned from camera assistant to cinematographer, with studies at The American Film Institute in Los Angeles. Worked alongside reknowned cinematographer Svein Krøvel.

LA Ventures:

Swedish Dicks" Season 1 and 2 starring Peter stormare, Johan Glans, Tracy Lords and Keanu Reeves

Diverse Productions:

Co-produced and lensed part of the movie released documentary "Ett Slags Liv" with Lars Winnerbäck. Won Gullruten Award best newcomer for the eight episode TV2 documentary" The 7 Deadly Sins" starring Kristopher Schau.

Haagenrud's Dynamic Portfolio

He has also contributed as the cinematographer for season 3 of the Netflix original “Lilyhammer” and the ViaPlay drama-comedy “Swedish Dicks” seasons 1 and 2, starring Peter Stormare. Furthermore, Haagenrud was cinematographer on four seasons and forty episodes of the critically acclaimed Norwegian TV2 drama series “DAG,” directed by Øystein Karlsen with Kristopher Schau as a co-writer.

Haagenrud has received recognition for his work, including an Emmy for the official Olympic film from Lillehammer in 1994 and Gullruten Fagpris for Best Cinematography for “EXIT.” He was also part of the team that won Gullruten for Årets Nyskapning with the TV2 series “De 7 Dødssyndene,” with Kristopher Schau. In addition to his success on screen, Haagenrud is a co-owner of Moviebird, the leading rental company for Filmotechnics U-Crane System, Flighthead gyro remoteheads, and technocranes in Norway.

Key Milestones in My Professional CAREER


Credits capturing stories with visual brilliance.


Best cinematography Gullruten for EXIT in 2020.


International acclaim shooting 24 episodes of Exit


30 + years of cinematic experience


Emmy for the official olympic Film from Lillehammer in 1994

Framegrabs and stills from Tv-drama series lensed by Haagenrud