Haagenrud´s career spans over nearly three decades starting out as camera assistant in the mid-eighties and enlisted as first assistant camera for legendary cinematographer Sven Nykvist, ASC on the Liv Ullmann directed movie Kristin Lavransdaughterer.

Haagenrud continued moving up the ranks in the camera department to launch a career as cinematographer in Norway. In the late nineties he moved to Los Angeles and worked as a local 600 camera operator for 5 years enlisted through the help of now veteran camera operator Lucas Bielan, former Sven Nykvist camera assistent for many years, Haagenrud has his education in cinematography studies from The American Film Institute (1988-90) in Los Angeles and was a classmate of Wally Pfister. Together they practiced using a worn Moi gearhead in the AFI studio cellar. Haagenrud previously completed undergraduate studies in film and media from Volda District University in Norway (1983-85). Haagenrud received an Sport Emmy for the 1994 Official Olympic film from Lillehammer and also shot the Gullruten award winning documentary series The Seven Deadly Sins starring Kristopher Schau.

For the past decade Haagenrud has been living in Oslo with his wife Gitte and their son Ole together with the two dogs Laika and Stella. In the garden four chickens has their own henhouse – and deliver fresh eggs for breakfast every day.

Haagenrud is co-founder of Moviebird Norway - the leading technocrane and gyrostabilised remote head rental company in Scandinavia. Moviebird own and operate the only Russian Arm system in Scandinavia. Haagenrud returned to Los Angeles in 2016 and 2017 to reunite with long time colleague Hallgrim Haug to co-DP and operate on 2 Seasons of the tv-drama series Swedish Dick starring Peter Stormare, Keanu Reeves,Traci Lords and Johan Glans. Season one is premiering in the US on the POP Chanel in fall 2017. Season 2 is airing winter 2018.

In the fall of 2017 Haagenrud both enlisted behind the camera and co-produced the Swedish feature length documentary about acclaimed Swedish singer/songwriter Lars Winnerbeck for SF Studios. Pål Bugge Haagenrud completed in 2015 the fourth season and a total of forty episodes of the Norwegian dramaseries DAG. Haagenrud was the conceptual cinematographer and continued shooting all four seasons of the multiple locally Emmy nominated Gullruten award winning and critical aclaimed tv-drama series - currently in negotiations as a remake in the US and aired as a readymade on Sky Arts in England to great reviews.

In 2014 Haagenrud was the cinematographer on 6 episodes of the Netflix Original series Lilyhammer Season 3 staring Steven Van Zandt. In the Rubicon/ Shine produced tv-series Haagenrud worked with director Steven Van Zandt, Øystein Karlsen av Tuva Novotny. The season finale directed by Steven Van Zandt included an appearance by Bruce Springsteen shot in NYC. Haagenrud was also the conceptual cinematographer for the crimeseries The Third Eye - also produced by Shine owned Rubicon for commercial broadcaster TV2 and currently in production with a second season.

While living in L.A. Haagenrud worked as camera operator and addl´camera operator for Karl Walter Lindenlaub, ASC (One Night At McCools), Matt Leonetti, ASC (Rush Hour 2), Mauro Fiore, ASC (Training Day), Ericson Core, ASC (The Fast and the Furious) , Lucas Bielan (The Tracey Ullmann Show) and Christopher Taylor (The District). After returning to Norway Haagenrud worked as B-camera and 2nd Unit D.o P. on the English feature film Wide Blue Yonder directed by Robert Young (Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) and starring Lauren Bacall and Brian Cox.

Haagerud worked on the German feature film Ein Mann, Ein Fjord with former AFI classmate - the late Martin Kukula, BVK ( Goodbye Lenin) as D.o.P. He reteamed with Kukula on the ZDF TV series Kennedy´s Brain by Henning Mankell while shooting outside Strømstad in Sweden.

Haagenrud was B-camera and 2nd Unit D.P and in charge of aerial photography on the two Harald Zwart directed/produced movies Lange Flate Ballær 1 & 2. Haagenrud shot the hit comedy 37 1/2 and De Blå Ulvene for the Oscar nominated Producer John M Jacobsen ( The Pathfinder).

Haagenrud was one of the founding members of the Norwegian Society of Cinematographers and elected the Societys first President in 1995. As a former AFS exchange student to Boston, Mass, he is still a New England Patriots and Red Sox fan and since childhood a loyal supporter of the the English Premier club Arsenal.